George Willie Scholarship Recipients Announced

Sue Storms

Earlier this year, Boyum Barenscheer was one of five national CPA firms selected to be a cosponsoring firm to provide an internship to a George Willie Ethnically Diverse Scholarship & Internship Program student for the 2021 busy season.

The George Willie program provides a scholarship and internship to five ethnic minority accounting students who intend to pursue a CPA. The AICPA provides a scholarship of up to $20,000 to each student to assist with their final academic year. In addition, each recipient is given an internship during the 2021 busy season sponsored by one of the AICPA’s Private Company Practice Section (PCPS) member firms.

We are excited to announce that Maria Moy from the University of Minnesota was the recipient of this scholarship and will be interning with Boyum Barenscheer.

Click here to read more about the George Willie Scholarship Program.


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