Strategic Business Planning & Advisory Board

Strategic business planning and advisory board services

Critical evaluations when it counts

We’ll help you turn visions into reality.

Strategic planning with the professionals at Boyum Barenscheer provides businesses with an unbiased and experienced perspective, actionable insights and confidence to move forward. We’ll work collaboratively with your management team to help you assess the critical areas of your business, evaluate options and help your vision come to life.

Our strategic business planning & advisory board services

  • Management succession planning
  • Equity transition planning
  • Mission, vision and management accountability consulting
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Risk advisory and assessment
  • Strategic and operational action plans
  • Ongoing mentoring and implementation
  • Board governance, accountability and development
  • Executive compensation structuring
  • Sitting member of your advisory board

Other services used by our clients


How can we design a process to achieve results and tie compensation into it?

We work with you to implement performance criteria and processes that track performance. Through an interactive rating model performance is rated to calculate market and premium compensation

How can we hold managers accountable?

By developing pay for performance strategies you can incentivize your managers to get the job done. The general rule of thumb is “what gets measured gets done!”

What external resources do business owners have aside from Vistage or similar groups?

One option is the Advisory Board. We frequently partner up with outside consulting groups like Profit Builder Network (PBN), to establish Advisory Boards for our closely held, non- attest services, clients. Ownership/management selects member for these boards that have a range of relevant experience that is focused exclusively on the needs of your company. The typical advisory board has quarterly meetings with monthly calls between meetings. Generally, members are also available for questions or discussions with management as the need arises.

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Phil Paquette, CPA/ PFS, CFP®

Phil Paquette’s contributions to Boyum Barenscheer’s clients start within the firm with his specialty of employee betterment and mentoring.  The firm’s clients also benefit directly with his expertise in succession planning and management transition planning…