February 13, 2024
How Manufacturers Can Factor Depreciation Tax Breaks Into Their 2024 Asset Purchase Planning

When manufacturers purchase equipment and other tangible property, various tax breaks are available, including Section 179 expensing and first-year bonus depreciation. For 2024, bonus depreciation has dropped another 20 percentage points in its gradual phaseout under the Tax...

February 12, 2024
9 Tax Considerations if You’re Starting a Business as a Sole Proprietor

When launching a small business, many entrepreneurs start out as sole proprietors. If you’re launching a venture as a sole proprietorship, you need to understand the tax issues involved. Here are nine considerations:...

February 6, 2024
Developments on Tax Incentives Available to Construction & Engineering Businesses for Tax Year 2023
February 5, 2024
Sales Tax with QBO

QBO has a very powerful built-in feature for sales tax. We have found that some clients are not taking advantage of QBO’s features and may be manually maintaining rates. This especially may be true if the filed was converted from QB Desktop. Automated sales tax may not...

February 2, 2024
The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024

The U.S. House of Representatives passed this bipartisan tax plan on January 31, 2024. The bill still needs Senate approval and could be subject to amendments before final passage. President Biden has indicated that he supports the bill....

February 2, 2024
Employee Retention Credit IRS Audit Update

The CARES act was signed into law March 27, 2020 which gave us the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). This refundable tax credit was intended to help those affected by COVID restrictions or disruptions. Unfortunately it has been abused by many organizations and more importan...

February 2, 2024
Encouraging Charitable Donors to Include You in Their Estate Plans

Even if current donations are your not-for-profit’s bread and butter, you can’t afford to neglect planned, legacy or deferred gifts. These gifts, generally made through wills and living trusts, often are much larger. Your employees don’t need to be directly involved wh...

January 24, 2024
3 Tips for Making the Financial Statement Auditing Process Smoother

Not-for-profits aren’t required to produce audited financial statements. But audited statements are more likely to reassure big donors and grant makers about your financial stability and generally will be required if your organization applies for a bank loan. When you hire...

January 19, 2024
Adopting Automatic Enrollment in Your Retirement Plan
January 18, 2024
Why Uncertainty Calls for a More Flexible Budget

Economic, social and political events in 2024 have the potential to negatively influence your not-for-profit’s budget. So if you generally prepare static budgets well in advance of each fiscal year, you may want to switch things up. Rolling budgets can provide your organiz...

January 15, 2024
Correcting Erroneous ERC Claims

In this video, Chris Wittich discusses the process of correcting erroneous claims in the ERC (Employee Retention Credit) program. He explains the voluntary disclosure program, which allows borrowers to amend and fix an ERC claim if a mistake was made. Chris also highlights t...

January 11, 2024
Got Independent Contractors? Get to Know Form W-9

If your not-for-profit is shorthanded, you may decide to engage independent contractors to pick up some of the slack. Just make sure you’re collecting the right information. Organizations need a completed Form W-9 for every nonemployee they pay for services. Obtain this in...