about us

A message from our managing partner

What energizes and motivates me about working at Boyum Barenscheer are the people – our staff, our clients and our stakeholders – and my relationships with them. What is especially rewarding is the trust they place in BB and me; both personally and professionally. We work with closely-held, many times family-owned, businesses as well as nonprofit organizations. Our clients take the risks of business, invest in equipment and facilities, create products, ideas, services and jobs, give back to their community and essentially make the world a better place. We are very fortunate they choose to share that with us and we strive to live up to the trust they have placed in us.

- Tom Margarit, Managing Partner

our history


Our legacy began in 1975 when two entrepreneurs – Norlin Boyum and Brian Barenscheer –  joined together along with a staff of five to become Boyum & Barenscheer. Their vision was to create a CPA and advisory firm that offered exceptional service and insight to our clients with the benefit of warm and personal service.


In 2002 the named partners turned over the reins to a larger partner group who brought additional service and industry expertise to the firm. Focused on expanded services, technology advancement and recruiting top talent, the firm has grown to over 80 seasoned professionals today, with offices in Bloomington and White Bear Lake. Our reputation has stood the test of time and positioned us at one of the top 20 accounting firms in the Twin Cities.


Many of our professionals have grown up in entrepreneurial homes and understand the demands of business ownership. Others have dedicated personal time to helping community and nonprofit organizations make the world a better place. In the end, we’re a group of individuals who genuinely care about our clients and each other; and we’re committed to our mission:

With character, determination and a spirit of collaboration, we partner with our clients to achieve their business and financial goals.

Today, we’re known as Boyum Barenscheer – still delivering expertise and insight with personal service and a friendly smile.

our values


We value Trust. Honesty, sincerity and the highest ethical standards are at the heart of all we do.


We value Collaboration. We share expertise within and across teams to empower one another, to create synergy in our company and to produce high-value results.


We value Determination. We are dedicated in our commitment to being responsive, providing reliable service and offering sound advice.


We value Insight. We explore the data behind the balance sheet to pinpoint trends, to forecast opportunities and to recommend solutions to help our clients succeed.


We value Curiosity. We are insatiable in our quest to learn. Our curiosity spurs new thinking and innovation.

peer reviewed

In addition to yearly internal inspections, we have subjected ourselves to outside reviews of our quality control procedures every three years and

have successfully completed these reviews, receiving the highest rating of “Pass” on our 2021 Peer Review Report and Acceptance.

Our people

At Boyum Barenscheer we come to work every day because we want to solve business problems, investigate possibilities and uncover opportunities for our clients.

We also love numbers and take them seriously. So it’s natural that we hire awesome number-loving people, not to mention, we’re a group that likes to have fun.

Our connections