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June 6, 2024
Poised for Exit Podcast

Boyum Barenscheer’s Gregory Carlson CFP, MBT, CDFA, RICP, CMAA, PFS, CPA joined Julie Keyes in the latest episode of the Poised for Exit podcast. In the discussion, Greg explained the pros and cons of Stock vs. Asset Sales and the impact of Capital Gains liability on both ...

February 2, 2024
Encouraging Charitable Donors to Include You in Their Estate Plans

Even if current donations are your not-for-profit’s bread and butter, you can’t afford to neglect planned, legacy or deferred gifts. These gifts, generally made through wills and living trusts, often are much larger. Your employees don’t need to be directly involved wh...

April 12, 2023
10 Things You Need to Know About Secure 2.0

Congress passed secure Act 2.0 at the end of December 2022 the article below summarizes some of the major elements of this far-reaching bill. Individuals and employers will want to be aware of the changes this bill is making....

June 2, 2021
The Long and Short of Succession Planning

For many business owners, putting together a succession plan may seem like an overwhelming task. It might even seem unnecessary for those who are relatively young and have no intention of giving up ownership anytime soon....

March 10, 2020
How’s Your Buy-Sell Agreement Doing These Days?

Most companies wouldn’t go into business without some basic types of insurance in place, such as property coverage and a liability policy. For a company with more than one owner, there’s an additional type of risk-management arrangement that needs to be established: a bu...

Revocable trusts can be ignored for tax purposes until the grantor dies.
May 8, 2018
Distribution Rules for Inherited Retirement Plan Assets

As our clients address many of the issues associated with estate planning, one of the questions that usually comes up is the beneficiary designations associated with retirement account assets. An important factor to consider in naming a beneficiary of your retirement account...

January 23, 2018
Checklist of Common Estate Tax Audit Triggers

About nine percent of the estate tax returns reporting gross estates of $5 or more were audited by the IRS during 2014.  And the bigger the estate the more likely the audit....