ERC Second Look Consulting

Chris Wittich

What is it: Consulting with Chris Wittich to determine the best path forward on ERC. In the event that the ERC claim is deemed valid, taxpayers can find reassurance in the accuracy of their claim. On the contrary, if the ERC claim is identified as problematic, we will thoroughly explore the available options to rectify the situation. These options include withdrawal, repayment, or amendment, with each choice tailored to specific circumstances associated with a flawed claim. The goal is to guide taxpayers towards the most suitable solution based on the nature of the issue at hand.

Who is it for: Taxpayers who already claimed ERC and want to take a second look to make sure it’s right.

How it works: Click on this link ERC Second Look Consulting and pick out a time on Chris’s calendar. After scheduling the meeting, an invitation will be sent out to sign an engagement letter and submit the $1,000 fee prior to the scheduled meeting. During the meeting, we’ll thoroughly review the situation, examining the documentation pertaining to the ERC claim. Chris will conduct a comprehensive second evaluation of the ERC claim and provide a strategic recommendation for the next steps. Should the recommendation lean towards withdrawal or repayment, clear instructions on the necessary actions will be provided. If the suggested course of action involves an amendment, we will furnish you with a detailed outline of the steps involved. In certain cases, we may also explore the option of a different engagement to rectify and correct the claim.

Why do it: Getting an impartial second opinion on ERC can be valuable especially when the first opinion was given by unlicensed individuals in exchange for a contingent fee.  IRS scrutiny on ERC claims is extraordinarily high right now but the options to resolve a bad ERC claim are also extraordinarily generous right now and those remedies will not be available long term.


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