Tax Season Just Got Easier

What TaxCaddy is used for

TaxCaddy simplifies tax document gathering, retrieval, and sharing with your tax professional. Automatically fetch 1099s, 1098s, and W-2s. Upload or snap photos of documents anytime for secure storage. Electronically sign your return.

Who can benefit from using TaxCaddy

Individuals who would like to securely share documents and files rather than mailing, emailing or hand-delivering them.

How to get an account

Send our TaxCaddy support team a request at After you’ve initiated a request, you’ll receive an email containing instructions to set up your account. Please refrain from independently creating your TaxCaddy account to ensure seamless linking with your Boyum Barenscheer accountant.

For future access, just visit our website, click on the Client Access button, select “TaxCaddy,” and click LOGIN.

All About TaxCaddy

You Own It

TaxCaddy is not your Boyum Barenscheer portal. Your TaxCaddy account is yours to keep, forever. You decide who to share your information with and if you change accounting firms, you take your TaxCaddy account with you.

Any Device

With TaxCaddy, seamless collaboration, sharing, and communication with your tax professional are accessible from anywhere, on any device. Effortlessly fulfill document requests on your office PC, pose queries via the mobile app while awaiting your flight, and conveniently review and approve your return from your tablet on the sofa. Explore and upload files from your PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone, Google Drive, and Dropbox to enhance your tax experience with flexibility and ease across platforms.

Automated Document Retrieval

Link TaxCaddy to over 300 service providers to automatically fetch documents like W-2s, 1099s and 1098s. TaxCaddy will retrieve your documents for you.

Take a Photo

Use the TaxCaddy mobile app to photograph and upload documents as you receive them. Categorize them on the spot then shred the paper. (Download TaxCaddy for iPhone on the App Store or for Android on Google Play.)

Electronic Signatures

Sign anything, anywhere. From your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone electronically sign engagement letters, consent requests, e-file authorizations and other documents. 100% IRS compliant.


Where can I access my tax return?

Navigate to your tax return effortlessly by selecting the Tax Return tab within TaxCaddy.

Can I add any type of document?

Indeed, you have the flexibility to incorporate a variety of file types, including Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, or even images of documents through TaxCaddy.

Can I have more than one person access my TaxCaddy account?

Yes. You may add an additional user on your TaxCaddy account. Follow the instructions provided HERE.

Can I print a document from TaxCaddy?

Yes!  You can download the document to your computer and print or share from that location.

What if I'm having an issue logging in?

If you’re facing login issues on TaxCaddy, simply click on the “Having trouble logging in?” link. An email will be promptly sent to you, guiding you through the password reset process.

How do I know when a file or document has been sent to my account?

A message will be sent to the email associated with your TaxCaddy account.

Need Help?

Contact our TaxCaddy Support Team during normal business hours at