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Payroll services

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Every business faces the task of managing payroll services for their employees. Unfortunately, many businesses incur penalties due to incorrect or untimely payroll tax payments and find it difficult to find time to handle this important but time-consuming task. With Boyum Barenscheer’s payroll team, you’ll get on-time and accurate payroll processing and administration. We’ll ease your burden and give you more time to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Our payroll services include

  • Secure online access for processing data with your payroll services
  • 1099 processing
  • Entering payroll information
  • Making tax deposits
  • Quarterly payroll tax liability returns
  • Year-end processing
  • Payroll audit support

Other services used by our clients


Can I process my own payroll?

Yes, you can process your own payroll using BB’s online platform. Processing yourself will offer a cost effective and user friendly option for small business payroll processing. BB can train you on processing yourself and be available as a consulting resource should you have questions arise.

Can BB process my payroll?

Yes, BB can process your payroll. You will work with a dedicated payroll processor that will be responsible for overseeing your payroll.

Will BB cover the entire payroll process including liability deposits, quarterly returns and annual payroll obligations?

Yes, BB will cover your payroll process from beginning to end. This includes processing of each payroll should you chose to have us process, making liability deposits and filing all required returns/year-end items.

What payroll processing platform is used?

BB uses multiple platforms to process payroll. Most recently we began partnering with an online payroll processing platform, which is a cost effective and easy to use option to process payroll for small businesses. We also have partnerships with several 3rd party payroll processors such as Paychex, ADP and others. Using a 3rd party payroll processor is a more effective option for larger companies that may have more complex payroll requirement.

Contact Steve for more info

Steve Iverson

Steve joined BB in 2014, bringing with him years of bookkeeping and payroll experience in many industries.  Working with businesses of all sizes, his main focus is onboarding and implementation of new outsourced accounting clients.  He also teaches team members and clients about creating and maintaining efficient bookkeeping and accounting processes and practices.