Category: Business Tax

December 4, 2017
Cutting costs when you’ve gone over budget

Year end can’t get here soon enough for some business owners — especially those whose companies have exceeded their annual budgets....

November 6, 2017
Minimize inventory, services to make your financials shine

Your business financials — where they stand currently and where they might be going next year — are incredibly important....

November 6, 2017
Fortifying your business with enterprise risk management

Hundreds of years ago, prosperous towns managed the various risks of foreign invaders, thieves and wild animals by fortifying their entire communities with walls and towers. Today’s business owners can take a similar approach with enterprise risk management (ERM)....

October 12, 2017
4 ways to get (and keep) your business data in order

With so much data flying around these days, it’s easy for a company of any size to get overwhelmed. If something important falls through the cracks, say a contract renewal or outstanding bill, your financial standing and reputation could suffer....

August 29, 2017
Minnesota Tax Relief Bill Summary

Minnesota legislators recently passed a long overdue tax relief bill. The bill provides nearly $650 million in relief to Minnesota businesses and individuals. A summary of the highlights of the bill are listed below:...

August 28, 2017
Business Owners & Executives: Increase your Retirement Savings with a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan
February 11, 2017
Break Even Analysis

Every business owner wants to know what their break even is for their company, but many don’t know where to begin trying to calculate it.  Doing a break even analysis will provide information regarding the sales volume needed to be at a break even status (no profit or los...

January 28, 2017
Listed Property – Huh? Listed Where?

Listed property is a term for vehicles that are specifically listed out on Form 4562 when you file your tax return. ...

October 20, 2015
P is for Partnerships

P is for partnerships.  Partnerships are a very common tax structure, but to be taxed as a partnership the underlying business doesn’t necessarily need to be set up as a partnership.  Many new businesses these days are set up as Limited Liability Companies or LLCs. ...

April 16, 2015
Cash Flow Projections

Many business owners don’t feel they have time to do a cash flow projection.  This is a very important tool for all business owners to have.  It is a tool that could mean the difference between going out of business or staying in business....

March 27, 2014
Like-Kind Exchange – Rental Property

A like-kind exchange is just that; an exchange of things that are similar.  They can be very useful in deferring gains on depreciated property.  The last post was about business vehicles, but there are many kinds of assets that can qualify for a like-kind exchange....

March 13, 2014
Why Do They Send Corrected 1099s?

About this time of year (and for the next month or so), you might receive a corrected Form 1099 from your broker....