The Cyber Thief Has Evolved – Have You?

Event Date

As a follow-up to the cybersecurity survey we sent to our clients earlier this year, we are pleased to be sponsoring this seminar on techniques to manage cybersecurity threats in your business.

Cyber criminals are different today.  They have evolved and are very well funded, organized and effective.  Because of this, it is vital that we change the way we think about protecting ourselves and our businesses.  Outdated thinking and old methodologies will not keep this enemy out of our lives or our businesses.

This seminar will cover a variety of topics including:

  • The way hackers have evolved
  • The Dark Web and why this is important to understand
  • The methodology to protect against cyber threats
  • The five most common Threat Vectors used by cyber organizations to attack modern business systems
  • Cybersecurity survey results
  • Q&A


Continental Breakfast & Seminar:  8:00-9:45 am


Mark Miller, Owner & Chief Happ(i)ness Office, Imagine IT