Connecting tax advice to wealth management

HK Financial Services, Inc. (HKFS)

Boyum Barenscheer has partnered with HK Financial Services, Inc. (HKFS) to meet the wealth management needs of our clients.  Founded by the partners of Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C., a Top 100 CPA and business consulting firm, HKFS has a thorough understanding of the special relationship between Boyum Barenscheer and our clients.

We work in partnership with HKFS to coordinate investment, insurance and retirement planning opportunities with tax planning advice.  Through this unique approach, HKFS has helped thousands of clients stay on track with their comprehensive wealth management goals.

As of July 2017, HKFS had over $3 billion in assets under management(1), over $3.5 billion of in-force life insurance coverage, and over $430 million held in non-managed brokerage accounts. 



Top 100 Fastest Growing RIA firm in over 10 years in Forbes magazine – 11/2016 (3)

Top 100 Wealth Manager in Forbes magazine – 05/2016 (4)

Top 100 RIA in the Country by Financial Advisor (FA) Magazine – 07/2016 (5)

Accounting Today Billion Dollar Club Ranking – 08/01/16 (6)

(1) ‘Regulatory’ assets under management (as reported on our 12/31/2016 Form ADV Part 1A filing) at $2.67 billion.

(2) Rankings are not representative of any one client’s experience, and are not indicative of future performance.  HKFS does not pay a fee to participate in any rankings.

(3) Forbes Magazine dated 11/2016.  Forbes partners with RIA Channel, and its affiliate RIA Database, to compile the annual Top 100 RIAs by 10 Years of Growth List.  The list ranks registered investment advisors (RIAs) by asset growth over prior ten years, ending September 30, 2016.  Candidate firms qualify based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Members of the list must have been registered as an RIA each of the past ten years, and must be performing wealth management services.  firms cannot have had any regulatory, civil or criminal disclosures.

(4) Forbes Magazine dated 05/2016.  Forbes partners with RIA Database to compile the annual Top Wealth Managers list.  Candidate firms qualify based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria.  The 2016 list includes 100 firms, which are ranked by assets under management for year-end 2015, reported as of March 31, 2016.  Members of the list must have managed at least 50% of their assets on behalf of retail clients, cannot run a broker-dealer (they can be affiliated with one), cannot be a bank (trust companies are permitted), and must be performing wealth management services.  firms cannot have had any regulatory, civil or criminal disclosures.

(5) FA Magazine dated 07/2017.  Based on the percentage of growth in assets under management from the previous year.

(6) Accounting Today dated 06/2017.  firms submitted via survey, with the top 150 ranked by assets under management.

Investment advisory services offered through HK Financial Services (HKFS), an Independent Registered Investment Advisor.  Commission-based securities products are sold by ProEquities registered representatives and offered through ProEquities, Inc., a Registered Broker-Dealer and member FINRA and SIPC.  Insurance products issued by many highly rated carriers.  HKFS and ProEquities are independent of each other.

This material is being provided for informational purposes only with the understanding that neither HKFS nor ProEquities is rendering tax, legal or accounting advice.  Please consult with your CPA or other appropriate advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, accounting or tax obligations and requirements.